Pontos collection

The innovative Pontos collection claims it belongs in a technological and purist world that subtly blends rigor and creativity, Swiss watchmaking tradition and modern design.

The art of keeping up with the times

The Pontos collection brilliantly combines Swiss watchmaking traditions and technical mastery with modern design. It gives contemporary shape to the passage of time, furnishing the mechanical precision it deserves. The very epitome of rigorous expertise, the timepieces in this thoroughbred collection evoke a quest for artistic perfection, underpinned by contemporary refinement. Pontos time passes in a world of clean lines, firmly embedded in the twenty-first century. Its bold architectonic character emerges at first glance. Its mechanical heart lends substance and character. Dedicated to lovers of uncompromising watchmaking, the collection masterfully combines rigor and creativity. Seen as a whole, it perfectly symbolizes the aspiration of a brand for which technical innovation and artistic performance go hand in hand.

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DISCOVER THE pontos s VIEWed BY A World Swimming Champion

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