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«Goals must always exist and efforts to achieve them shall never cease.»


How do you define success?
Success is the achievement of balance. Perhaps a task of more complexity than growing wealth is the ability to allot time to enjoy it. The marriage of the two delineates success. Presupposing that experience is living, then success plain and simple to me is the ability to live.

Do you have a key sentence/motto about success?
A key motto that I tell myself before every job and after every award is, “you do not deserve this.” The idea of which branches off a further philosophy that I have about life. All to often it is easy for those downtrodden on their luck to attribute the bad to external forces beyond their control, only to own the victories when their luck returns. My faith tells me that both were destine.

What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration in art is everywhere, and its source is often concealed. It can be a calm glass of wine, a sunset over the ocean or a drive on a winding road that inspires me to create, to live. I believe inspiration is of quantum nature, in that observation of it is impossible. What I find most important is not the search of its source, but the willingness to be inspired when it comes along.

Could you tell us about your success? What is the short-story of your success?
My success began with a father sitting down on the couch with his son to help teach him about photography. At the time I was in high school and it was for a class, however early on there was passion for the art. My first sacrifice for this career came when I was to choose between having a car, and having a camera. I chose the camera with the reasoning that it would someday afford me a nicer car. The day my father sat down on the couch with me, he gave me my first camera. Ten years later, I was speaking for that camera company.

Do you have “5 rules” to follow and keep on being successful?
I don’t know if I have five rules per se, but the guidelines that are most important to me are:
- Always treat the client with respect
- Always treat your crew with respect
- Be grateful for every job
- Go home tired from having given your all
- Be a good husband

Do you have a ritual that you follow everyday?
Rituals are very important, as I never know what city I will be in on any given week. I like to be one of the first people in the studio so that I can put on my headphones and walk the set while planning the lighting for the shot. From there I meet with my crew, give instruction, and then say a quick prayer before the shoot. After we wrap I have a glass of wine with those on set to celebrate the day.

What do you avoid to continue being successful?
In order to be successful I avoid complacency. Goals must always exist and efforts to achieve them shall never cease.

Do you have advice for the younger generations?
If there were any advice I could give to those aspiring to what I do it would be to always give back. Our careers are derivatives of those that have lifted us up. To go this far and not have given to the future is to never have achieved at all.

« Time is everything. »

How important is time in your life? And what does time represents for you?
Time and the concept of time has been an obsession of mine for many years. I have a profound respect for the sciences and believe one of man’s greatest achievements was not only the creation of a measurement of time, but then creating an instrument to measure said measurement. To me, time represents the accomplishment of man.

How do you deal with time questions in your work?
As a photographer, my work is not an existence of seconds, but a reality of fractions within. My career exists 1/250th of a second at a time. My next success rides upon my timing, and in the time that it takes to exhale I could have my next portfolio piece. Time is everything.

How Maurice Lacroix is a natural continuum of your everyday life? What place does it have in your life?
Maurice Lacroix has become a measurement of life to me. It is the timepiece that I will pass down to my kids and the timepiece that I will celebrate their lives with. Maurice Lacroix is the art that I will always grace my wrist with and the watch that I will always hold as my next accomplishment.

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