Senay Gueler

“Without a watch on my wrist i would not have a feeling for time”

Senay Güler was born in a small town in the Odenwald. With his tender age of 14, he got to see two turntables for the first time and made his first steps in the field of DJing. It was obvious to him that DJing will probably become a big part of his life. Born in a family with two other DJs, he already started at the age of 16 to play in the surrounding youth clubs and to supplement his pocket money with his gigs. Soon he was playing in the most prestigious clubs in Frankfurt, as the Dorian Gray, Omen or even the legendary Funkadelic. As a contrast his brothers forced him repeatedly to play in the on-site pubs and bars, whereby the focus was always to play music for the people and not for self-seeking.

Early on, he learned to read the dance floor and got a feeling for the audience. Influenced by his eldest brother Cem, a DJ in the early 80s, late 70s, specialized in funk, soul and rap and his second brother Sener, who was musically between Depeche Mode, Front 242, Rammstein and Lacrimosa, he develop an affinity for electronic music in the 90s. This explains his today’s enormous range and his diversity in terms of music. After a wild phase at the end of the 90s he began to put his DJ activities aside and started his career at Universal Music in the field of compilations. Work and family life were simply not to bring in line with the life of a DJ. 

Nevertheless he started again, at first only for the purpose of playing at internal Universal events, such as gold and platinum award shows, release parties and many other events. His talent got around quite fast and requests of various companies trundled into his company account. At first surprised, but then delighted, he took part in the first gigs. Universal Music, Hertha BSC, Coca Cola GmbH, Peek & Cloppenburg, Novartis, UFA, CMCL GmbH, Bacardi and Camel, are just some of the companies who booked henceforth his services again and again. But he was not happy.

Large events with the associated large fees were indeed great but something was missing. He slowly started once more to play his own unique style in the club scene parallel to his work as a Junior PM at Urban / Def Jam and Universal Music. From time to time (in addition to the trendy clubs in town as the legendary 90 degrees, the asphalt and the Felix) he plays in the small and dirty clubs of the capital to pursue his penchant for electronic music!

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