James Magnussen
Pontos S Diver
Ray Stevenson
Masterpiece Squelette New Design
Senay Gueler
DJ and photo artist
Masterpiece Squelette New Design
Blair Bunting
Advertising Photographer
Bruno Collin
Founder of WAD Magazine
Pontos S
Lucas Mondelo
Basketball Coach
Pontos S
Orlando Duque
High Diver
Pontos S Extreme
Jamie Bamber
Pontos S
Lothar Matthäus
Football Manager
Pontos S


James Magnussen世界游泳冠軍


Ray Stevenson世界游泳冠軍

“Without a watch on my wrist i would not have a feeling for time”

Senay GuelerDJ and photo artist

«Goals must always exist and efforts to achieve them shall never cease.»

Blair BuntingAdvertising Photographer

«Success must be caused.»

Bruno CollinFounder of WAD Magazine

«I think success is getting up to do all what you can do.»

Lucas MondeloBasketball Coach

«I think success is getting up to do all what you can do.»

Orlando DuqueHigh Diver

«Achieve your dreams, be happy and make people happy.»

Jamie BamberActor

«Success is the result of your own work and your commitment for something.»

Lothar MatthäusFootball Manager
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