Bruno Collin

«Success must be caused»


How do you define success?
To achieve your greatest dream. When I was a child I had two obsessions animals and fashion. To be a veterinarian, it’s seven years of study and an opportunity arose for me to work in fashion so I immediately took it.

Do you have a key sentence/motto about success?
"Success must be caused" During the turn of the century, urban fashion has become increasingly important and it was time to devote a magazine to this “kind” of fashion. A new market was born. 15 years later, it came to maturity. Today, we arrive in a market where borders between the haute couture and ready to wear are open. It becomes a real market.

What inspires you? And where do you find your inspiration?
Trips, people in the street. It’s often in the most eccentric poeple, those who dares, that you find ideas. Early adopters are easy to spot. Just hang around in festivals or in the trendy cafes. I also find my inspiration in vintage, second hand shops and flea markets. In the future there is always the past (we say that fashion repeats itself). Fashion often plays with the trends of the past.

Could you tell us about your success? What is the short-story of your success?
The history of WAD began 15 years ago. In 1998, fashion trends were reforming and many brands were confirming them selves. The cool to wear became a motto. It had to be comfortable. Many brands have rushed into this segment and WAD wanted to be their mirror. The only real obstacle: make sur people make the difference between urban fashion and street fashion. In people's minds it was the same thing. Urban fashion is more about mixing, a large market that brings together jeans wear, sportswear, all the emerging brands and designers. It’s the luxury sector that was the most reluctant to understand and accept it. But now they are all set! There isn’t any brands, on the market, that doen’t have its own jeans collection. There have been developments in the market and revolutions (Kenzo) I’m a product lover and I’m a collector of many products of urban fashion. I had the opportunity to associate myself with someone who loved images and who comes from fashion. We both created WAD magazine. My perseverance and my persuasion made me achieve my goals.

Do you have “5 rules” to follow and keep on being successful?
Not 5 but 3 rules:
- Open your eyes
- Travel, go out
- Be on the lookout for what's going on, be surrounded by the right poeple, follow the market, have a good address book.

Do you have a ritual that you follow everyday?
No ritual! Don’t expect, I like surprises.

What do you avoid to continue being successful?

« You should never count the hours everything is important. »

Do you have advice for the younger generations?
Speak English, to make sure to have no boundaries, be understood everywhere. Do not be shy and be curious.

How important is time in your life? And what does time represents for you?
I remember my grandmother telling me time is money. When I was little, she was talking to her hens to get good eggs: it means that you reap what you sow. You should never count the hours everything is important. There are no small things or big things in life. Do not miss anything. But you must always take the time to have fun live.

How do you deal with time questions in your work?
Unfortunately, I think that's my biggest flaw, I mismanage my time. But nobody is perfect.

How Maurice Lacroix is a natural continuum of your everyday life? What place does it have in your life?
When you work in the fashion you love beautiful things, beautiful objects. We no longer need a watch to know the time. There is the time on our computers or our phones. The watch is an accessory to refine a look. The watch is probably the first men's jewelry.

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